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Our Services
Below you will find a listing of our most comon business solutions within each of our teirs. However this list is NOT  all inclusive. Do you have business problem, technological need, or design request and don't see the solution you need, CONTACT US . We often design and create innovative soltuions to meet the needs of our clients.

Administration Solutions

  1. Teambuilding
    Developing a strong and hard working team is important to any organization. Sometimes it is necessary to team work through out the ranks of an organization. We provide programming for workshops and other other teaching types, to develop the team you would like to see in your organization.
  2. Project & Event Management
    Organizations and individuals often come up with great ideas for a project or event. The ideas, however, never flourish into actuality. This can often be attributed to the lack of a project or event manager to help organize those ideas. We offer just that. A skilled project manager will help to organize your ideas and strategize your next steps. We also offer to execute your plan after our consultation is complete.
  3. Workforce Management & Development
    Do you have a staffing void in your business? Do you feel there is just something missing in you present organizational structure? Well you are are not alone. There are times when administrators meet a point where they feel overwhelmed and exhausted and can't put a finger on what to do during times of capacity change, both in growth and downsizing. We provide consultation for administrator to provide solutions in staffing, technology, and other resources to make administrating easier and to fill those voids where necessary.
  4. Start Up & Small Business Administrative Couseling
    Entrepreneurship is a great opportunity that comes with many rewards. However it is imperative, to ensure business success, that one walks through the beginning stages of the startup process properly and has a proactive approach to organizational development from the beginning and throughout the course of the first few years of business. We offer services that will provide strategic and personalized consultation to organizations or individuals who are considering exploring opportunities in hopes of opening a business or have been open for less than 5 years and are looking for advice on expansion or redevelopment opportunities. This includes registering your business with the state or federal government, organizing business structures, and more.
  5. Small Business Accounting & Fund Development
    Management of and organization's finances is one of the most important components of any business. We carefully record and report the finances for startups, not-for-profits, and other entities with less than 50 employees. We also provide resources and consultation on opportunities to develop organization funds through fundraisers and grant writing.
  6. Property Management
    Do you have a property or multiple properties that you own and are having trouble leasing, selling, renting, cleaning, or maintaining the property or it's tenants? If so, we provide an innovative and professional solution for this problem. We will gather a dedicated and productive team to meet your every need related to skilled and custodial maintenance, landscaping, brokerage, tenant management, and all other property management concerns. We manage the team so you don't have to. Allowing you to collect your profits and focus on other projects and tasks you have before you.

Technology Solutions

  1. Corporate & Personal IT Support
    Making things work for you is the foundation of our business. This all started with technology support. Our premier IT Support solutions will diagnose and repair technology from every category. If we don't support it, we will help you find someone who does.
  2. Technology Consultation​
    Are you looking to modify your technology infrastructure to better suit your needs. We can help you with that. We will review your current technology and give expert advice on the repair, upgrade, or replacement of the hardware or software. This helps optimize the technology you use daily, creating productivity and efficiency of your mission critical work.
  3. Computer Systems Training
    In an effort to assist companies and individuals with maintaining their equipment, and understanding the proper use thereof, we provide technology training sessions on a wide variety of topics. Some topics includes Windows and Microsoft, web based application such as Google Docs, Dropbox, and Office 365, and standard keyboarding and typing. Other application specific course are also provided.

Design Solutions

  1. Obituaries & Memorial Videos
    After the loss of a loved one, we understand that one of the keepsakes of any celebration of life is the printed program or obituary. We provide a very personable experience in designing you loved one's printed obituary. We also provide the option of creating a video presentation of your loved one's pictures and videos.
  2. Web Design & Hosting​
    We provide professional and creative web designs along with hosting of these designs at low affordable rates
  3. Flyers & Print Materials
    Our flyers and print materials are designed to cater to your event or promotion. Each design is unique and professionally designed to capture the attention of each person who receives one. We hope that strive to create flyers that draw attention to your event or promotion, strengthening the greater chance of participation.
  4. Company Branding
    Are looking to uniformly provide information about your business? If so our Company Branding solution is just for you. We will can providing solutions for any branding need, including, but not limited to, logos, letterhead, business cards, brochures, etc. Our team will professionally construct a design that will mirror your existing or newly created promotional materials.
  5. Special Event Printed Programs & Memory Books
    Making sure your event attendees can follow the flow of your event and creating a memory book of pictures for them to take away is just what this solution does. We hand craft each design skillfully to meet the desire of each of our clients.
  6. Custom Embroidery and Screen Print Designs
    We often creatively design digital media to be embroidered, screen printed, or otherwise added to t-shirts, bags, mugs, and other items as requested by our clients. Not only will we design them, but through our partners we are able to provide many items and have the digital design printed or embroidered on the item as well.